Salt Products:

White Crystal© Solar Salt

Morton© White Crystal© Solar Salt is 99.5% pure salt crystallized by the sun and wind from natural salt brine held in open ponds.

This salt contains small amounts of insoluble particles from the environment that may need to be periodically removed from the brine tank.

System Saver © II Formula Pellets

Morton© System Saver© II Formula Pellets are made from a very high purity salt combined with the patented System Saver© II formula to make your water softener work better. Look for it in our new, redesigned bag.

  • Patented formula contains softener resin cleaning additives
  • Salt and cleaning additives are thoroughly flushed from the system during resin regeneration.

MAG Ice Melting Pellets

Magnesium Chloride Pellet is arguably one of the best ice melters available. It is less corrosive than rock salt and safer for plants and pet's paws. According to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services studies, Magnesium is considerably more gentle than many common ice melters.

Peladow Ice Melting Pellets

Pellets Penetrate Ice Faster. Peladow Calcium Chloride pellets provides a strong residual action. Even when diluted to a 20% concentration it's effective to -40 F.

This is because Peladow calcium chloride pellets bore down rather than sideways and retain more of their deicing punch once they get to the pavement.

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